New exhibits

Notable additions to the museum exhibit will be added here.

October 2020

Isle of Wight Studio Glass Azurene trial vase

This vase is a trial for the Azurene range, probably dating from 1978. It was kept in the archive of Isle of Wight Studio Glass for over 30 years. It has extensive grey tarnishing of the silver foil found only on early pieces of Azurene. The button top rim is typical of some Mdina vases of the Harris era and IOWSG vases from the early 1970s.

Undercliff trial bell vase

This unusual and distinctive small bell vase with thin dark vertical canes and green applied rim is identified by Timothy Harris as an early trial of the Undercliff range. It is signed "Isle of Wight Glass England" in the hand of Timothy. It measures 11 cm high and 10.2 cm across the rim.

July 2020

Paul Ysart paperweight

A beautiful first period Moncrieff millefiori paperweight with filigree twists designed and made by Paul Ysart in the 1930s. It measures 8 cm across and 5.5 cm high. It has a so-called 'crunchy' pontil mark on the base. It is unsigned and without a PY cane.

March 2020

Doves plaque

The museum purchased two of these high relief plaques in their original brass frames. They may have been inserted in a door, one on each side. They measure 19 cm x 22.7 cm and 7 mm thick, with the high relief extending a further 10 mm maximum. Suggested makers are John Walsh Walsh, Jobling and Hailwood Ackroyd and possible designers Walter Gilbert and Alan Howes.

A catalogue of the works by architectural sculptor Walter Gilbert and associates by Phillip Medhurst includes a high relief plaque called 'Doves' made at the Soho & Vesta Glass Works of John Walsh Walsh in Birmingham, England. But we remain uncertain since the plaques are unsigned. We had hoped for a signature along the edge of the plaque, but none was found. Considering their quality, that is surprising but not totally unexpected. A lot of good glass is unsigned.

Amalric Walter beetle pendant

A pâte de verre beetle pendant by Amalric Walter of Nancy, France, designed by Henri Bergé. It is initialed AW, B and N. It measures about 3.8 cm x 1.8 cm. This pendant is listed in the 1930-1931 Christmas Gifts catalogue of Liberty of London.

Etling 91 magpie bookend

This magpie by Etling, France, made probably in the 1930s, has an odd pose because it is one half of a set of bookends. The birds sometimes can be found on a metal stand. We were delighted to buy this piece from a dealer in Denmark. They very rarely come up for sale. It measures 16 cm high.

February 2020

Etling 204 canary ornament

A canary ornament designed by Hungarian sculptor Géza Hiecz for Edmond Etling about 1930. It is numbered 204 in the catalogue of the Choisy-le-roi glassworks.

January 2020

Experimental vase with applied flowers and leaves by Timothy Harris in 2004

An experimental vase made by Timothy Harris in 2004. This was part of the Roger Willsmer donation.

December 2019

Paul Barcroft globe vase

This vase was made by Paul Barcroft at Hothouse Glass, possibly in the late 1980s. It adds to our growing collection of British studio glass.

November 2019

Timothy Harris Special globe vase

'Flowers' was a trial range produced by Isle of Wight Studio Glass in 1993 and 1994. Only ten pieces are known. The vase is 14 cm high and 15.5 cm in diameter. Amazingly, the vase was donated to a charity shop in Maidenhead, England and subsequently sold at auction. What a wonderful gift! We were pleased to support the charity in this way.

October 2019

Collection of miniature IOWSG perfume bottles

A collection of miniature Isle of Wight Studio Glass perfume bottles. Miniatures are much rarer than the standard-sized bottles. The first five are from the Summer Fruits collection. The final one is Woodland 'Silver Birch'.

Legras Mont Joye irises enameled vase

Legras Mont Joye enamelled irises vase, 25.5 cm high, 10.5 cm maximum width, with gilded foliage design on the body and gilded on the rim. Marked L and 27 (probably a decorator's mark) on the base. Probably made about 1900.

September 2019

Kralik floriform vase

Late 19th Century Kralik floriform vase with uranium green and pink opalescent glass, measuring 16 cm long x 13 cm high x 11 cm wide.

April 2019

Mdina Cut Ice lollipop vase

A rare Mdina 'Cut Ice' lollipop vase, 22.5 cm high, probably made in the late 1960s. One face is cut with large polished facets. The base is signed 'Michael Harris Mdina Glass Malta', indicating it was likely made by him.

Gallé cameo vase

Early 20th century French cameo vase by Gallé of an unusual form, 13 cm high, with flowers, buds and foliage.

March 2019

Dolhain souvenir vase of Ryde Esplanade

Edwardian souvenir opaline vase with a view of Ryde Esplanade, Isle of Wight, hand-painted and gilded at the Dolhain Glass Works, Belgium. It is signed 'M. Wirth'. The blanks were mostly bought in from Val St. Lambert, another Belgian glass company.

February 2019

Pauline Solven Ravenshill tricorn vase

Tricorn vase made by Pauline Solven at Ravenshill Studio. It is signed on the base “Pauline Solven RH343”. The code number indicates it was probably made in 1979. Pauline established Ravenshill Studio in 1975.

December 2018

Etling 12 acacia vase

Hexagonal vase on a round base, with acacia foliage and flowers on each side panel, made for Edmond Etling, Paris. It is numbered 12 in the catalogue of the Choisy-le-roi glassworks and probably made about 1930.

October 2018

IOWSG Seascape Wave commemorative bowl

This bowl was produced to commemorate the Queen's 60th year on the throne. It has the words 'Commemorating the Diamond Jubilee 2012' in gold lettering around the cylindrical foot. Each piece is numbered and signed by Timothy Harris of Isle of Wight Studio Glass. This example is No.1 of only six made.

IOWSG fish cameo vase

Heavy cameo vase with fish, made by Isle of Wight Studio Glass, probably in the late 1990s.

Etling horse chestnut vase

Ovoid vase with horse chestnut leaves and fruits, in opalescent glass, made for Edmond Etling, Paris. It is numbered 303 in the catalogue of the Choisy-le-roi glassworks and probably made in the early 1930s.

Pauline Solven 1968 vase

Heavy vase with applied roundels impressed with a flower pattern. It is signed “Pauline C Solven London 1968”, which was her final year at the Royal College of Art, London. She was a pupil of Michael Harris, who went on to found Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Studio Glass. The museum now has three pieces by Pauline in the collection.

August 2018

Etling Nu Aux Longs Cheveux figurine

Rare ‘Nu aux longs cheveux’ (nude with long hair) figurine designed by Lucille Sevin for Edmond Etling c.1932. It is numbered 86 in the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue. It measures 22 cm high.

July 2018

Early bottle by Peter Layton of London Glassblowing

An early bottle by Peter Layton of London Glassblowing. Signed and dated 1977 on the base. It measures 18 cm high.

June 2018

Nick Orsler lava vase

A very early Nick Orsler molten base 'lava' vase, signed and dated 1980. It is 23 cm high.

Layton dropper bottle

A 'dropper' bottle, 30 cm high, by Peter Layton of London Glassblowing. It is signed 'Peter Layton 1988' on the side near the base.

Karlin Rushbrooke bowl

Karlin Rushbrooke bowl, 19 cm diameter, made around 1985, with the words “Do not go gentle into that good night” from the poem by Dylan Thomas. The text wraps around on itself twice, overlapping the letters to form an interesting effect.

May 2018

Mdina tricorn bottle with button top

Rare Mdina tricorn bottle (triangular body) with button top made by Michael Harris about 1970. 39.5 cm tall.

March 2018

Siddy Langley Super Moon bottle vase

'Super Moon' bottle vase by Siddy Langley, signed and dated 2018.

November 2017

Huge Renaissance II footed platter

A huge Renaissance II footed platter designed by Jonathan Harris for Isle of Wight Studio Glass. It is 47 cm in diameter, 8 cm high, with a foot 11.5 cm in diameter.

October 2017

Etling triangular bowl

This triangular bowl was made for Edmond Etling in the 1920s and is numbered 93 in the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue. It measures about 22 cm corner to corner.

September 2017

Trial Azurene vase made by Michael Harris or Chris Hotton

A unique Isle of Wight Studio Glass Azurene 'Black' freeblown trial vase made by Michael Harris or Chris Hotton about 1978-79, with impressed 'flame' pontil to the base.

August 2017

Mdina button top fish vase by Michael Harris

Cobalt blue Mdina button top fish vase made by Michael Harris probably in early 1969. The button top is characteristic of the earliest fish vases made at Mdina.

June 2017

Etling vase designed by Lucile Sevin

Lucile Sevin designed this vase for Edmond Etling in the 1920s and is numbered 38 in the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue.

Moonwake bowl made by Martin Evans

Moonwake bowl made and signed by Martin Evans of Glory Art Glass, Sandown, IoW. The studio celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

May 2017

Mdina crizzle stone fish vase by Michael Harris

Mdina 'Crizzle Stone' fish vase made by Michael Harris probably in 1972. This is the second crizzle stone to be added to the collection.

Pauline Solven button top vase made 1970

Globe vase made by Pauline Solven in 1970, during the first full year of the Glasshouse studio established in Covent Garden, London. Pauline was a pupil of Michael Harris at the Royal College of Art in London in the late 1960s. The vase is signed and dated on the base.

March 2017

Auctumnus Arbor medium vase

Auctumnus Arbor was designed as the 'Day Piece' for the IOWSG Collectors Studio Day on 27th November 2016. Only six of this size were made.

February 2017

British Museum vase

Vase by Isle of Wight Studio Glass, 15.5 cm high x 14.0 cm diameter at the rim, signed "© 1997 The British Museum" on the base. This piece is very rarely seen.

Mary Gregory-style Bohemian tumbler

The museum bought a pair of these Bohemian blown glass tumblers from an antique dealer in Oxfordshire. They are enamelled in white with Mary Gregory-style decoration of children at play, and gilded rims. They feature a girl (shown here) and boy facing each other when stood side-by-side.

Richard acid etched vase made by Loetz for Etling

Acid etched cameo vase made by Loetz probably in the 1920s for Edmond Etling, France, with the 'Richard' mark on the side. Bought from a dealer in Paris, France.

January 2017

Bohemian satin glass with diamond air-trap pattern

Satin glass vase with diamond air-trap pattern, attached amber lip, yellow enamel flowers, and signed ‘F’ on base. It has minute traces of gilding on the body of the vase. Possibly Bohemian and made in the late 19th century.

Siddy Langley vase

A beautiful Clematis vase by Siddy Langley, signed by her and dated 1986.

December 2016

Greener Dogwood platter

‘Dogwood’ platter, 37 cm in diameter, designed by Ernest Jobling-Purser for Greener & Co. and made at the Wear Flint Glassworks in Sunderland, UK about 1910-1920. This design is rarely seen as a platter.

November 2016

Stuart fish vase designed by Ludwig Kny

Heavy vase with deeply carved out fish and bubbles designed by Ludwig Kny for Stuart Crystal in the mid-1930s. Bought from a dealer on the Isle of Wight.

October 2016

Siddy Langley vase

A beautiful 'Marrakech' vase by Siddy Langley, signed by her and dated 2000. Bought from a collector in the UK.

August 2016

Victorian fishscale vase by Thomas Webb

Late Victorian vase, possibly 1880s, with 'fishscale' or hammered effect surface, with gilded foliage, fruits, and insects. Uncertain attribution to Thomas Webb & Sons manufactured for Wittmann & Roth. Signed G.L.F. - perhaps George L. Fereday - who is thought to be the gilder. Bought from a dealer in New York, USA.

July 2016

Octagonal Etling bowl with fish

Rare French octagonal bowl with fish made for Edmond Etling in the 1920s. Bought from a dealer in Montreal, Canada.

D'Avesn bowl with three birds on a metal stand

Frosted glass bowl with three birds on a metal stand, made by Pierre d'Avesn in the late 1920s. Bought from a dealer in France.

Renaissance II bowl

Very rare goblet with IOWSG Aurene-like knop made about 1974. Bought from a collector in England.

June 2016

Renaissance II bowl

Extremely rare brown IOWSG Renaissance II footed bowl bought from a collector on the Isle of Wight.

Pierre D'Avesn bowl

French opalescent bowl, possibly designed by Pierre D'Avesn and made in the 1930s, to add to the Art Deco collection. It was found in a charity shop in Oxfordshire, UK.

Summer Fruits rabbit paperweight

Rabbit paperweight in the early form of Summer Fruits Cranberry. Bought from a dealer in South Africa. A rare item.

May 2016

Graal Feathers Tazza

Graal feathers pattern tazza signed by Jonathan Harris in 1998 bought at the National Glass Fair, Solihull, UK.

March 2016

Mdina sculpture

Sculpture signed 'Michael Harris Mdina Glass Malta', as shown on page 34 of Michael Harris: Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass, by Mark Hill. Formerly in the Mark Hill collection.

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