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Anonymous (Sept. 4, 1841) Perfection of Glass-Manufacture Among the Egyptians. In: The Penny Magazine Volume X No.605 p. 352

Archer, M.; Brown, S.; Churchill, V.; Cormack, P.; Mathews, S. [Compilers] (2000) The Stained Glass Museum Gallery Guide. The Stained Glass Museum. 48 pp.

Ars Vetraria s.a.s. [1962?] Vetri Artistici e Mosaici Veneziani. [Advertising leaflet, folded into eighths. When opened, on one side there is a street map of Venice and Murano indicating the location of Ars Vetraria s.a.s. at Calle S. Giuseppe, Murano, and a brief outline of the history of glassmaking at Murano in Italian, French, Spanish, English and German; on the other side there are 5 plates showing the studio's products, and a page detailing the public transport routes.]

Ashmolean Museum (1979) l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre Glass Exhibition. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 33 pp. [Published to coincide with an exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 8 September-21 October 1979.]

Brinkmann, J.; Rath, P.; Barten, S.; Bauer, M.; Rath, H. C. (1979) Glas aus Wien J&L Lobmeyr: Vom Biedermeier bis zur Gegenwart. Museum Bellerive Zürich. 70 pp. [Published in connection with exhibitions at Museum Bellerive, Zürich, 5 December 1979-3 February 1980, Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt a. M., 21 February-6 April 1980, and Städtisches Museum, Göttingen, 27 April-1 June 1980]

British Museum Press (1991) Advertising leaflet for Tait, H. [Editor] Five Thousand Years of Glass. [2 pp.]

NewBookMay.jpg British Society of Enamellers; Guild of Enamellers (2013) Heart of the Heat: Contemporary British Enamelling. British Society of Enamellers and Guild of Enamellers [68 pp.] [Catalogue of An exhibition of the extensive range of contemporary British enamelling — the art of fusing glass to metal, held at The School of Jewellery, Vittoria Street, Birmingham, 11th November-13th December 2013.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (1991) Paul Ysart. [4 pp.] [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 5 September 1991-10 October 1991.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (1997) 100 Years of Webb Corbett 1897-1997. Dudley Planning & Leisure. [8 pp.] [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 25 October 1997-11 January 1998.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (2012) Back to the Future. 52 pp. [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 18 August 2012-27 January 2013, edited and curated by Kari A. Moodie.]

Charlesworth, D. (1959) Roman Glass in Northern Britain. In: Archæologia Aeliana, 4th Series Volume 37 pp. 33-58 + 5 plates.

City of Manchester Art Galleries (1977) Royal Commemorative Pottery and Glass. City of Manchester Cultural Services. [24 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at the Athenaeum Museum of Ceramics, 1 June-31 July 1977.]

Cleveland, S. D.; Hall, W. D. (1959) Glass in the Manchester City Art Galleries. Art Galleries Committee of the Corporation of Manchester. [32 pp.]

Collingwood, F. (1951) French Glass - Three Factories Maintain Their Traditions. In: The Studio Volume 141 No. 698 pp. 140-143. [Concerns Lalique, Daum, and Baccarat.]

Corning Museum of Glass (1957) Glass from the Ancient World. The Ray Winfield Smith Collection. 298 pp. [Published in connection with a special exhibition in the Corning Glass Center in 1957.]

Dartington Glass (1976) Dartington Glass: A Souvenir. [10 pp.]

Diderot, D.; D'Alembert, J. (1762-1772) Recueil de Planches, sur les Sciences, les Arts Libéraux et les Arts Méchaniques aves leur Explication. L'Art du Verre, hand tinted plates 4, 18, 19 and 20 from the section Verrerie en Bois.

Fine Art Society (1975) Engraved Glass by Lawrence Whistler, 2nd December 1975-9th January 1976. The Fine Art Society Ltd., 148 New Bond Street, London, W1Y 0JT. [Exhibition and sales catalogue listing 33 items [2 pp.] and price list [1 p.]]

NewBookMay.jpg Fitzwilliam Museum (1987) Clear Through to the Wood: Contemporary Glass and Furniture Selected by Henry W. Rothschild. Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge. 47 pp. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, England, 12 July-9 August 1987.]

Galerie Besson (1998) Bernard Dejonghe: Ceramics and Glass. Galerie Besson, London. [4 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Galerie Besson, 15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1X 3HB, 13 May-26 June 1998.]

Galerie Besson (2004) Bernard Dejonghe: Areshima Series and Glass. Galerie Besson, London. [9 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Galerie Besson, 15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SP, 8-30 September 2004.]

Gaskin, M. (2015) Earth, Wind and Fire: Charles Schneider Glass. In: Antique Explorer Issue 167 pp. 6-10.

Gimpel Fils (1965) Harry Seager. Graphis Press. [10 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Gimpel Fils, 50 South Molton Street, London W1, 22 April-22 May 1965.]

Guild of Glass Engravers (1986) Festival of Engraved Glass '86 by the Guild of Glass Engravers at the Church of St. Lawrence Jewry-next-Guildhall 8th-18th July, 1986. Guild of Glass Engravers. [26 pp.]

Gustafsson, P. O. [Editor] (1961) Orrefors 1961. [64 pp.] [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Lunds Konsthall, 23 September-22 October 1961.]

Hamburger Sparcasse von 1827 (1971) Alte und neue Glasmacherkunst. Das Beispiel Charleroi. Ausstellung in der Hauptstelle der Hamburger Sparcasse von 1827, 29. Juni bis 30. Juli 1971. A folder containing a brochure [8 pp.] and press release [2 pp.]

Harden, D. B. (1934) The Glass of the Greeks and Romans. In: Greece & Rome. Vol. 3 No. 9 pp. 140-149 + 4 pp. plates

Heacock, W. (1986) Fenton Glass: The First Twenty-Five Years, 1986-87 (Revised) Price Guide. 4 pp. [Leaflet] [Also see related book]

Heacock, W. (1990) Fenton Glass: The Second Twenty-Five Years, 1990-1991 (Revised) Price Guide. 4 pp. [Leaflet] [Also see related book]

Hill, M. (2006) Isle of Wight Glass. In: Collect It! Issue 112 pp. 24-27.

Isnardon, J. (1996) Joëlle Isnardon. Verre Sculpté. Joëlle Isnardon, 9 rue Diderot, 94300 Vincennes, France. [6 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain, Bastille, Paris, 30 October-3 November 1996. Includes a price list for 21 items for sale at the exhibition. Includes a letter to Madame de la Croix, Les Ateliers du Prisme, 7 rue de Montevidéo, 75116 Paris, dated 3 October 1996. Includes a business card for Joëlle Isnardon.]

Louisville Art Gallery (1986) Contemporary Glass. Louisville Art Gallery. 40 pp. [Published in conjunction with an exhibition held at Louisville Art Gallery, 16 June-30 August 1986.]

McDonnell, M. [Producer]; West, P. [Director]; Kangas, M. [Text] (2007) Chihuly in the Hotshop. Portland Press. DVD [90 minutes] + 144 pp. book. ISBN-10: 1-57684-107-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-57684-107-5.

Museum Bellerive Zürich (1969) Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich: Sammlungskatalog 4 Glas. Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, Museum Bellerive. 239 pp.

Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art (2003) Bertil Vallien: Glass Eats Light: Innovations in Glass by Bertil Vallien, February 22-June 22, 2003. Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, Wash., USA [24 pp.] [Catalogue of an exhibition organized by Smålands Museum, Växjö, Sweden in collaboration with the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA., USA.]

National Cambridge Collectors (1976) Cambridge Glass Value Guide No. CG-176. Collector Books. 33 pp. [Published as a companion to the Cambridge Glass catalogue listed above.]

Red House Glass Cone (2002?) The Red House Glass Cone: A Unique Glassmaking Experience. Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. [20 pp.] [Leaflet designed by Paul Grove]

Sebag-Montefiore, H. [Foreword]; Jacob, J. [Introduction] (1973) Pictures on Glass Engraved by Laurence Whistler. Greater London Council. [20 pp.] Publication 7168 0450 6. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Marble Hill House, Richmond Road, Twickenham, London, UK.]

Sheppard & Cooper Ltd. (1978) Stipple Engraving on Glass by James Denison-Pender. 28 pp. [Published to accompany an exhibition at 194-196 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL, 8-16 December 1978.]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1955) Exhibition of Steuben Glass, Park Lane House, 45 Park Lane, London, October 14-November 9, 1955. Curwen Press. [6 pp.] [Leaflet]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1961) Steuben Crystal in Private Collections. An Exhibition Dedicated to the Work of The Institute of International Education. Steuben Glass. [4 pp.] [Leaflet]

Steuben Glass Inc. (Spring 1964) Steuben Glass. [4 pp.] [Leaflet]

Teleca (undated) Phonecard, 50 call units, designed by Izu Glass & Craft Museum, with a picture of Etling statuette 'Femme nue au bras tendu'. NTT. [Free Card JP-290-40223] (Click Here To View)

The World of Glass (2000) Glass: The Everyday Miracle. World of Glass, St. Helens, England. 28 pp.

Thomas Webb Museum (1982 or 1983) Thomas Webb Museum, Dennis Hall: Catalogue. 39 pp. [Looseleaf in a ring binder.]

Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd. (1969) A Point on Glass: Engraved Goblets by Lawrence Whistler with Three Glasses by His Son Simon Whistler. 26 pp. + 12 plates. [Catalogue of an exhibition held in London, UK, 10th April-10th May 1969.]

Vallance, A. (1900) The Decorative Art of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Bart. In: The Easter Art Journal, a supplement of the Art Journal. J. S. Virtue & Co. 32 pp. + 4 pp. colour plates. [Includes an order form for the book The Work of E Burne-Jones published by The Berlin Photographic Company. 4 pp.]

Växjö Glasmuseet (1972) A first day cover with a Swedish 65 öre stamp depicting a gaffer shaping the neck of a decanter with the aid of pucellas. Stamp and envelope struck by a special postmark 'Växjö Glasmuseet 22.3.1972'.

Whitty, A. [Text] (2017) (A) Dress: Alison Lowry. [24 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland in July-August 2017.]

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum (1990) British Glass: Work by 40 Leading British Artists in Glass. [48 pp.] Wirral Borough Council, Department of Leisure Services and Tourism. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Slatey Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, 10 November - 9 December 1990.]

Wills, G. (1968) English and Irish Glass. Guinness Superlatives. [A folder containing 16 booklets: 1. Commemorative Goblets. 16 pp. 2. Drinking Glasses: Part 1. 16 pp. 3. Drinking Glasses: Part 2. 16 pp. 4. Ewers and Decanters. 16 pp. 5. Table Wares. 16 pp. 6. Candlesticks and Lustres. 16 pp. 7. Chandeliers. 16 pp. 8. Irish Glass. 16 pp. 9. Bottles: to 1720. 16 pp. 10. Bottles: from 1720. 16 pp. 11. Enamelled and Engraved Glass. 16 pp. 12. 18th Century Coloured Glass. 16 pp. 13. Novelties and 'Friggers'. 16 pp. 14. Victorian Glass: Part 1. 16 pp. 15. Victorian Glass: Part 2. 16 pp. 16. Modern Glass. 16 pp.]

Zeelander, J. (undated, 1950s?) "Mechanical World" Flowsheet no.67 — Safety Glass Manufacture (Laminated and Toughened). Mechanical World. [Poster 28.3 cm x 45.8 cm]

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