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Archer, M.; Brown, S.; Churchill, V.; Cormack, P.; Mathews, S. [Compilers] (2000) The Stained Glass Museum Gallery Guide. The Stained Glass Museum. 48 pp.

Ashmolean Museum (1979) l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre Glass Exhibition. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 33 pp. [Published to coincide with an exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 8 September-21 October 1979.]

Brinkmann, J.; Rath, P.; Barten, S.; Bauer, M.; Rath, H. C. (1979) Glas aus Wien J&L Lobmeyr: Vom Biedermeier bis zur Gegenwart. Museum Bellerive Zürich. 70 pp. [Published in connection with exhibitions at Museum Bellerive, Zürich, 5 December 1979-3 February 1980, Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt a. M., 21 February-6 April 1980, and Städtisches Museum, Göttingen, 27 April-1 June 1980]

NewBookMay.jpg British Society of Enamellers; Guild of Enamellers (2013) Heart of the Heat: Contemporary British Enamelling. British Society of Enamellers and Guild of Enamellers [68 pp.] [Catalogue of An exhibition of the extensive range of contemporary British enamelling — the art of fusing glass to metal, held at The School of Jewellery, Vittoria Street, Birmingham, 11th November-13th December 2013.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (1991) Paul Ysart. [4 pp.] [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 5 September 1991-10 October 1991.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (1997) 100 Years of Webb Corbett 1897-1997. Dudley Planning & Leisure. [8 pp.] [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 25 October 1997-11 January 1998.]

Broadfield House Glass Museum (2012) Back to the Future. 52 pp. [Published in connection with an exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum, 18 August 2012-27 January 2013, edited and curated by Kari A. Moodie.]

City of Manchester Art Galleries (1977) Royal Commemorative Pottery and Glass. City of Manchester Cultural Services. [24 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at the Athenaeum Museum of Ceramics, 1 June-31 July 1977.]

Cleveland, S. D.; Hall, W. D. (1959) Glass in the Manchester City Art Galleries. Art Galleries Committee of the Corporation of Manchester. [32 pp.]

Corning Museum of Glass (1957) Glass from the Ancient World. The Ray Winfield Smith Collection. 298 pp. [Published in connection with a special exhibition in the Corning Glass Center in 1957.]

Fine Art Society (1975) Engraved Glass by Lawrence Whistler, 2nd December 1975-9th January 1976. The Fine Art Society Ltd., 148 New Bond Street, London, W1Y 0JT. [Exhibition and sales catalogue listing 33 items [2 pp.] and price list [1 p.]]

NewBookMay.jpg Fitzwilliam Museum (1987) Clear Through to the Wood: Contemporary Glass and Furniture Selected by Henry W. Rothschild. Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge. 47 pp. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, England, 12 July-9 August 1987.]

Galerie Besson (1998) Bernard Dejonghe: Ceramics and Glass. Galerie Besson, London. [4 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Galerie Besson, 15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1X 3HB, 13 May-26 June 1998.]

Galerie Besson (2004) Bernard Dejonghe: Areshima Series and Glass. Galerie Besson, London. [9 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Galerie Besson, 15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SP, 8-30 September 2004.]

Gimpel Fils (1965) Harry Seager. Graphis Press. [10 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Gimpel Fils, 50 South Molton Street, London W1, 22 April-22 May 1965.]

Guild of Glass Engravers (1986) Festival of Engraved Glass '86 by the Guild of Glass Engravers at the Church of St. Lawrence Jewry-next-Guildhall 8th-18th July, 1986. Guild of Glass Engravers. [26 pp.]

Gustafsson, P. O. [Editor] (1961) Orrefors 1961. [64 pp.] [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Lunds Konsthall, 23 September-22 October 1961.]

Hamburger Sparcasse von 1827 (1971) Alte und neue Glasmacherkunst. Das Beispiel Charleroi. Ausstellung in der Hauptstelle der Hamburger Sparcasse von 1827, 29. Juni bis 30. Juli 1971. A folder containing a brochure [8 pp.] and press release [2 pp.]

Isnardon, J. (1996) Joëlle Isnardon. Verre Sculpté. Joëlle Isnardon, 9 rue Diderot, 94300 Vincennes, France. [6 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain, Bastille, Paris, 30 October-3 November 1996. Includes a price list for 21 items for sale at the exhibition. Includes a letter to Madame de la Croix, Les Ateliers du Prisme, 7 rue de Montevidéo, 75116 Paris, dated 3 October 1996. Includes a business card for Joëlle Isnardon.]

Louisville Art Gallery (1986) Contemporary Glass. Louisville Art Gallery. 40 pp. [Published in conjunction with an exhibition held at Louisville Art Gallery, 16 June-30 August 1986.]

Museum Bellerive Zürich (1969) Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich: Sammlungskatalog 4 Glas. Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, Museum Bellerive. 239 pp.

Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art (2003) Bertil Vallien: Glass Eats Light: Innovations in Glass by Bertil Vallien, February 22-June 22, 2003. Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, Wash., USA [24 pp.] [Catalogue of an exhibition organized by Smålands Museum, Växjö, Sweden in collaboration with the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA., USA.]

NewBookMay.jpg Pilkington Glass Museum (c.1979?) The History of Glassmaking. [4 pp.] [Information leaflet and gallery guide inserted loose into the publication Evolution of Glassmaking Techniques listed below.]
NewBookMay.jpg Pilkington Glass Museum (1974) Evolution of Glassmaking Techniques. A Temporary Guide to the Collection. 22 pp. [Includes A Supplementary List of Glass on Display but not Referred to in the Guide to the Collection dated May, 1979. 2 pp. Mimeograph inserted loose.]

Red House Glass Cone (2002?) The Red House Glass Cone: A Unique Glassmaking Experience. Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. [20 pp.] [Leaflet designed by Paul Grove]

Sebag-Montefiore, H. [Foreword]; Jacob, J. [Introduction] (1973) Pictures on Glass Engraved by Laurence Whistler. Greater London Council. [20 pp.] Publication 7168 0450 6. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Marble Hill House, Richmond Road, Twickenham, London, UK.]

Sheppard & Cooper Ltd. (1978) Stipple Engraving on Glass by James Denison-Pender. 28 pp. [Published to accompany an exhibition at 194-196 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL, 8-16 December 1978.]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1955) Exhibition of Steuben Glass, Park Lane House, 45 Park Lane, London, October 14-November 9, 1955. Curwen Press. [6 pp.] [Leaflet]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1961) Steuben Crystal in Private Collections. An Exhibition Dedicated to the Work of The Institute of International Education. Steuben Glass. [4 pp.] [Leaflet]

The World of Glass (2000) Glass: The Everyday Miracle. World of Glass, St. Helens, England. 28 pp.

Thomas Webb Museum (1982 or 1983) Thomas Webb Museum, Dennis Hall: Catalogue. 39 pp. [Looseleaf in a ring binder.]

Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd. (1969) A Point on Glass: Engraved Goblets by Lawrence Whistler with Three Glasses by His Son Simon Whistler. 26 pp. + 12 plates. [Catalogue of an exhibition held in London, UK, 10th April-10th May 1969.]

Whitty, A. [Text] (2017) (A) Dress: Alison Lowry. [24 pp.] [Published to accompany an exhibition at Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland in July-August 2017.]

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum (1990) British Glass: Work by 40 Leading British Artists in Glass. [48 pp.] Wirral Borough Council, Department of Leisure Services and Tourism. [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Slatey Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, 10 November - 9 December 1990.]

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