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Gallery - Latest Additions

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New exhibits

Some recent significant additions to the museum collections.

Ian Bamforth triple incalmo cylinder vase

Ian Bamforth made this vase about 20 years ago when he was studying at the International Glass Centre in Brierley Hill, near Stourbridge. The vase is made in four parts, which are fused together (the incalmo technique). It is tricky to get all the separate parts to line up exactly.

Curt Schlevogt Walking Lady figurine

The Walking Lady (Schreitendes M├Ądchen) figurine in citrine glass was designed by Ida Schwetz-Lehmann in 1939 for the Curt Schlevogt company and produced at the glassworks of Josef Riedel in Dolni Polubny, Bohemia. It stands 38 cm high and 14 cm across the foot. It's absolutely stunning and rare too.


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