Glass is going into the cabinets

15 Jan 2016 00:32
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After a lot of preparatory work, glass is at last going into the cabinets. Before they do, though, every piece has to be catalogued, with a description of the item, who designed it, and where and when it was made. A picture is taken too. Then its exact location in the museum is recorded. Every cabinet has a code so we know where everything is at any time. In three days about 150 pieces were put in place. Next week another 150 pieces will be added. We thought it would be nice to share some pictures.

Cabinets with glass from 2000s and 1990s

These cabinets have glass made in the 2000s (nearest) and the 1990s (furthest away).

Cabinets with glass from 1990s and 1980s

The leftmost two cabinets have glass made in the 1990s. The one on the right has glass made in the 1980s.

Cabinets with glass looking down aisle 2

This is the view down the second aisle of cabinets downstairs.

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