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07 Dec 2015 00:16
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Isle of Wight Glass Museum celebrates the design and craftsmanship of glass makers based on the island as well as those in some way connected to the island, past and present. Some of them are well known; others are less known, but equally inspiring. And we will be adding some extra things for further interest.

So what will be in the museum? Here is a quick summary.

  • Isle of Wight Studio Glass founded by the Harris family. This studio will form the major part of the exhibition.
  • Alum Bay Glass, originally called Island Glass, founded by the Rayners.
  • Glory Art Glass founded by Martin Evans.
  • Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass founded by Paul Critchley.
  • Carl Nordbruch, who calls his studio Glass Blowers.
  • Fire Fusion Art Glass run by Brenda Jones.
  • Linda Grant Glass.

All the studios above are currently operating on the island.

The following glass studios, which had some connection with the Isle of Wight in the past, will also be featured.

  • Mdina Glass, covering only the period from 1968 to 1972 when the Harris family were producing glass.
  • Jonathan Harris Studio Glass, located at the Coalport China Museum in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire.
  • A Touch of Glass founded by Chris Lucas.

And for further interest, the museum will show a selection (about 100 pieces to start with) of Art Deco and late Victorian glass, made by the following makers:

  • Jobling (England)
  • Pierre D’Avesn (France)
  • Daum (France)
  • Edmond Etling (France)
  • Ezan (France)
  • Vallon (France)
  • Verlys, including Hanots (France)
  • WMF, when they were making art glass from the late 1920s to the early 1950s (Germany)
  • Lalique (France)
  • Baccarat Cristallerie (France)
  • John Walsh Walsh (England)

We hope there is something in the museum for all tastes. The collection continues to grow. As every month passes there will be more amazing things to see. We hope you will come visit us and enjoy it.

Anton Doroszenko, Museum Director

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