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02 Sep 2018 16:31
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A guide to the museum exhibits, provided on small handheld touch-screen tablet computers, is currently being trialed. We are pleased to report that the initial feedback has been positive.

The idea was that instead of having a 'forest' of labels in the display cabinets, visitors might find it more engaging to have a guide they could carry around the museum. There is a secure strap on the back of the tablet to lessen the chances of it being dropped. Please see the pictures below which show the guide in action.

The prototype guide covers the Art Deco and Victorian glass collection. The index page provides links to the cabinets, which are themed to particular glass manufacturers or periods. By touching the screen you can navigate to the cabinet of interest.

For each cabinet there are pictures and accompanying descriptions for each piece along with the shelf location.

The initial feedback was that the guide was intuitive to use and provided clear information about the glass.

The prototype will be gradually expanded to cover more of the exhibition, as time permits. Getting good pictures and descriptions of 1200 pieces is a big job!

Please click on the images to see a bigger picture.

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