Museum acquires unique collection of Victoriana

19 Oct 2017 22:31
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The museum has a small and growing collection of Victorian glass. But the Victoriana we are talking about here is not over a hundred years old, but a trial collection designed by Timothy Harris of Isle of Wight Studio Glass. We bought the first piece from the range in 2011 and thought it would be impossible to add to it. But amazingly we recently acquired four more pieces. Just two other pieces in the range are known. It is quite possible they are all unique.

Victoriana was produced in 1989 for an international gift fair, but the design subsequently did not go into production. Ron Wheeler of Artius Glass, the studio's appointed secondary market specialist, kindly provided information about the range when the studio released three perfume bottles from its archive in 2011. One of these, in yellow with black spiral feet and stopper, was bought.

A while later Ron made available a Victoriana blue footed bowl, but we let that slip through our fingers at the time. We have now acquired that bowl, along with a further three pieces.

The name Victoriana comes from the style of several of the pieces that harks back to Victorian times. But there are thoroughly modern touches, such as the applied gold foil. Spiral feet are used in five of the seven known pieces.

Pictures of six pieces of Victoriana are provided below. More information about them can be obtained by clicking here.

Click on the picture to get a larger image, then Next or Previous to move between images.

Anton Doroszenko, Museum Director

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