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07 Aug 2016 13:20
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Isle of Wight Glass Museum directional sign

The museum is working hard to improve the visitor experience. Clearly, visitors need to find us and once in the museum know what they are looking at. To help with that the museum commissioned a series of directional signs at Arreton Barns and signs inside the museum. They are now in place. And they look great!

Brian Marriott Creative Marketing was asked to design the signs for the museum. Brian has had a long association with Isle of Wight Studio Glass and has designed many of their marketing materials, including signs. The museum had no hesitation to ask Brian for his help.

Isle of Wight Glass Museum directional sign Since the glass museum is tucked away at the back of Arreton Barns it is not immediately obvious where to find us. Therefore, several directional signs were installed. I hope you agree they look smart and functional.
Outside the front door of the museum we have a joint sign for the museum and the studio shop. Isle of Wight Glass Museum directional sign
Isle of Wight Glass Museum directional sign Inside the museum we have signs showing where the museum entrance is located. Also there is a sign directing visitors upstairs where the Art Deco collection is located.
Finally, every cabinet has a sign indicating its contents. Since there are 26 cabinets full of glass, this last series of signs was the most expensive to install. But we hope visitors find them useful. Isle of Wight Glass Museum directional sign

You will be pleased to know that more than signs are in the works. A detailed electronic guide to the museum on tablet computers is coming soon. But the museum is taking one small step at a time to improve the visitor experience.

Anton Doroszenko, Museum Director

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