Museum exhibits at the National Glass Fair

02 Jul 2016 14:40
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The museum was delighted and honoured to be invited to exhibit at the National Glass Fair held in May at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull. The fair was possibly the best place to promote the museum to real enthusiasts of glass. We put on show a cabinet full of the best work by Isle of Wight glass makers and share some pictures here.

In the gallery below you will see some of the best work by Michael and Timothy Harris of Isle of Wight Studio Glass as well as work by Jonathan Harris when he was at the studio in the 1990s, pieces by Paul Critchley of Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass, and a beautiful sculpture by Martin Evans of Glory Art Glass.

Because of limited space available at the fair we couldn't show more than a small sample of what is in the museum. But the response was most enthusiastic. We hope you enjoy looking at them too. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger picture.

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