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31 Jan 2016 18:37
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We hope the museum will be more than a place to see glass. To that end we have set up a coffee lounge, with comfy sofas and stylish tables plus a drinks machine so that visitors can help themselves to a cuppa, relax and have a natter. Wifi will be available too to surf the internet. Next to the coffee machine we have a bookcase, which will be stocked with various books on art glass in general, not just island glass, and books about the Isle of Wight.

Season ticket holders, both weekly and annual, can come to the museum as many times as they want while their pass is valid, and free wifi is thrown in as an added bonus. We thought that since most visitors will be on a week's holiday a weekly season ticket would be a nice option and save money too.

Here is a picture of the sofas and coffee tables that are on the first floor of the museum. As you can see from the cabinets behind, glass is starting to be put in. The glass upstairs will include French, German and English Art Deco glass and some late Victorian glass.

Coffee lounge in the museum

The drinks machine dispenses hot water and we will have various teas, coffees and other drinks. We will have an honesty box to leave a donation for the drink. The bench in the corner has reading lights above it to make it easier to read. The museum at present has a limited range of books to go into the bookcase, but if you would like to donate your books on glass, any glass, we would be pleased to hear from you. Click here for our contact form.

Coffee machine and reading corner in the museum

Anton Doroszenko, Museum Director

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