Calendar of Events

The museum has an exciting programme of events lined up in the coming year. You can book online via this page.

Each event will consist of:

  • a talk/interview
  • an audiovisual presentation
  • exhibition of the glass maker's work with explanation of how they are made
  • a question and answer session and other audience participation
  • opportunity to buy glass made by the invited guest.

Price: Just £5 per person

Complementary buffet included in the price.

For all events, the doors open at 10.30 am and the programme starts at 11 am.

When: Sunday, 25th September 2022
Speaker: Laura Hart
Title: Cast and Fused Glass Taken to the Next Level: Orchis Exotica and Rose Couture
About the event: Laura will talk about her work and present a video showing how her amazing orchids are made. She will bring the moulds and waxes, etc. to demonstrate modelling the Rose Couture posies. Laura will also bring some of her spectacular Orchis Exotica sculptures. These are quite large, weighing several kilos, mounted on boards 60cm in diameter.
Speaker's web site: Hart Glass

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Laura Hart Orchid

Price: £5.00 per person. Payments are handled by PayPal and are SECURE.

PLEASE NOTE: You can buy only one ticket at a time. If you want more please repeat the payment process. Thank you.

When: Provisionally, February 2023
Speaker: Allister Malcolm
Title: Beauty — Artistry — Cherish Forever.
About the event:
Speaker's web site: Allister Malcolm Glass

Allister Malcolm in his studio

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