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02 Oct 2018 14:38
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The museum recently started two major projects. The first is to create a catalogue of the glass produced in the 1920s and 1930s for Edmond Laurent Etling. The second is to create a database of postcards depicting glass or glass making.

Etling Project

The museum has a growing collection of Art Deco glass, with a particular focus on French glass, including that produced for La Societe Anonyme Edmond Etling. The company was founded in Paris, France in 1909 and they commissioned works of art in bronze, ceramics, and glass, mainly from French artists. The glass was made for Etling at the Choisy-le-Roi glassworks near Paris.

The museum is most fortunate to be collaborating with an expert in Art Deco glass. He has collected glass for some 45 years and has been consulted with on well known television favourites, such as The Antiques Roadshow and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. He has many contacts in France and will provide the French translation of the site. From the start the Etling Project site is bilingual, in English and French.

The museum is aware that an Etling catalogue was produced in print, but so far only one copy is known to exist. Therefore, the project aims to make a catalogue more widely available. A large number of designs were produced and it will take some time to list them. However, the catalogue is unlikely ever to be complete, because contemporary records of the glass made for Etling are sparse. But we aim to be as comprehensive as possble. We hope collectors and experts in Etling glass will make their contributions and anticipate the site will encourage further research.

The catalogue is arranged by the Choisy-le-roi catalogue number, where one is known, and by designer. Pattern names will be used when describing an unmarked or unnumbered piece.

Glass on Postcards

There are lots of postcard collectors. Usually they collect by theme and it seemed appropriate that the museum begin a collection of postcards featuring glass and glass making. Other glass museums have done the same.

A lot of glass makers and companies leave behind little documentation of their activities. Therefore, it was felt that postcards can provide documentary evidence of those moments in history that may not be recorded elsewhere.

The database will contain a wealth of information, including images of front and back of the card along with full descriptions, any text on the card, details of the glass maker or company depicted, details of the publisher, the card series or code numbers, and when the card was published and/or postmarked. The cards can be searched and listed by glass company, by individual glass maker if depicted on the card, by publishing institution e.g. a museum, by country, and by publisher/printer.

The museum is guided by Exceptions to copyright: Libraries, archives and museums (PDF) published by the UK Intellectual Property Office in 2014. Copyright of the postcards is acknowledeged where they have not been transferred into the public domain.

The database will eventually be available to visitors to the museum via a dedicated computer set up for this purpose. The cards themselves are not available for loan.

Anton Doroszenko
Museum Director

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