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Isle of Wight Studio Glass

FlowerGardenLilacPWS.jpg Flower Garden 'Lilac' globe paperweights, made between 1989 and 2000. The larger one is 6 cm in diameter: Price £39.60. The smaller one is 4.5 cm in diameter: Price £29.60. Buy both together for £49.95, which is a discount of more than 25%.

MiniGarden006.jpg Miniature Garden 'Sweet Violets' heart paperweight, 4.7 cm high x 4.6 cm wide. Price £28.80.


Blue 'Azurene' flattened globe paperweight, 7 cm diameter, 4.5 cm high. Made 1996-1997. Price £36.60.

Black 'Azurene' flattened globe paperweight, 5 cm diameter, 3 cm high. Made early 1990s. Price £29.95.

Black 'Azurene' globe paperweight, 4.5 cm diameter. Made early 1990s. Price £24.95.

SmallPressedFishBlueGreen.jpg Small pressed glass finned fish from the Fish and Shells Collection, 6 cm high x 7 cm nose to tail. Made early 1990s. Price £24.

PinkWhiteGoldBird.jpg Unusual pink, white and gold bird paperweight. Made 2000s. Price £23.40

AzureneGlobeVaseSmall.jpg Azurene 'Black' small globe vase, 7 cm high x 7 cm diameter. Made in the 1980s. Price £36. SOLD

IOWSG_GoldenPeacock_White_Bird.jpg Golden Peacock 'White' bird paperweights. Made 1984-1994. Price £23.40 each.

IOWSG_GoldenPeacock_Royale_Bird.jpg Golden Peacock 'Royale' bird paperweights. Made 1987-1998. Small bird: £23.40 each; large bird £33.60 each.

IOWSG_Gold_Egg.jpg Small egg paperweight coated in real gold leaf. Made in the 2000s. Price £22.80. SOLD

IOWSG_Ribbons_Egg.jpg Ribbons 'White' egg paperweight, 6 cm high. Made between 1988-1991. Price £39.60.

IOWSG_1990s_Purple_PW.jpg Purple and white pebble paperweight, 4.5 cm diameter. Made in the early 1990s. Price £19.95.

IOWSG_MG_Egg.jpg Meadow Garden egg paperweight, 7 cm high. Made mid-1980s. Price £38.40.

IOWSG_Snowdrop_PW.jpg Meadow Garden 'Snowdrop' globe paperweight. Made 1986-1988 only. Price £38.40. SOLD

Other British Glass

StuartPrismEllipse.jpg StuartPrismEllipseSig.jpg

Stuart Crystal ‘Prism’ Ellipse vase 10 inches (25.4 cm) high, designed by John Luxton in the 1960s, but made in the 1990s judging by the acid etched logo. The vase is in excellent condition, with a few marks on the base commensurate with age. Weighs about 2.7 kg. Price £59 incl. postage. SOLD

EdinburghCrystalClock.jpg Edinburgh Crystal pressed glass carriage clock, 8 cm high x 6.3 cm wide, clock face 3.5 cm in diameter. With original label. Made c.2000. In excellent condition. Needs new battery. Price £14.99. SOLD

CaithnessFlowersRain.jpg Caithness 'Flowers in the Rain' globe paperweight, 7.5 cm in diameter, designed by Jack Allan in 1973. No marks on the base but the maker has been independently verified. In very good condition. Price £39.95.

WhitefriarsTangerineBarkVase.jpg Whitefriars tangerine bark cylinder vase from the ‘Textured’ range, 14.5 cm tall, 3.5 cm at rim, 4.2 cm at base, designed by Geoffrey Baxter. Made between 1967 and 1973. Pattern number 9729. Price £30. SOLD

RoyalBrierleyPinkVase.jpg Royal Brierley 'Studio' Collection baluster vase in the lace pattern in pink, 13 cm high and 10 cm maximum diameter. Probably made in the 1990s. Price £48.

WedgewoodOwl.jpg Wedgewood owl designed by Ronald Stennett-Willson (design code RSW140) in the 1970s, 11 cm high. Price £27.60

BubblesEggPW.jpg Simple sophistication! Elegant minimalist design by Wedgewood. Signed on the base. 10 cm tall. Price £27.60.

WedgewoodHawkPW.jpg Wedgewood Crystal ‘Hawk’ paperweight, 9 x 9 cm. Has original label and etched marks on the base. In perfect condition. Price £19.95. SOLD

SelkirkMoonstone.jpg Limited edition Selkirk Glass 'Moonstone' paperweight, 7 cm diameter x 5.5 cm high, numbered 176 of 500, and made in 1982. Fully signed on the based and includes the original paper label. Price £44.40.

JoDownsJumbleHanging.jpg Jo Downs bespoke fused glass 'Jumble' hanging, 23 cm long. Brand new in the box. Price £19.95.

JoDownsWave1.jpg Jo Downs bespoke fused glass Wave hanging, 28 cm long. Brand new in the box. Just 2 left. Price £19.95

JoDownsWave2.jpg Jo Downs bespoke fused glass Summer Wave hanging, 28 cm long. Brand new in the box. Price £19.95. All SOLD

BritishArtGlobeVase.jpg Pretty British studio vase with pastel pinks and blues, 7 cm high x 9 cm at the widest point. Price £28.80

BarleylandsVase.jpg Handmade studio vase made by James Watts of Barleylands Glassworks, Billericay, Essex, UK, 12 cm high and 8.5 cm at the widest point. Signed ‘Clearly James 1999’ and has the Barleylands Glassworks label on the base. Price £24. SOLD

FrankNeikesPinDish.jpg Small square pin dish by Frank Neikes. 9 cm x 9 cm. Price £19.95.

NeoScarab.jpg Scarab beetle paperweight, 9.5 x 5 cm, with beautiful blue iridescent surface, by Neo Art Glass. Signed by Kris Heaton. Brand new in the box. Price £49.99.

MartinYeatesPB.jpg Perfume bottle with missing stopper, 13 cm high, by Robert Martin & Ian Yeates. Signed on the base “Martin ° Yeates”. Robert Martin and Ian Yeates started a glassworks in Corby Castle in 1986, making paperweights, perfume bottles and vases. A rare piece. Price £24.

OkraGlobePW.jpg Globe paperweight, 5.5 cm diameter, by Okra Glass. Price £38.

Other European Glass

ArtDeFranceLamp.jpg Art de France pâte de verre Art Nouveau-style mushroom table lamp, 38 cm high, shade 23 cm diameter, which is supported by three metal arms with foliage detail. It has two bulbs, one in the glass stem and one under the glass shade. The effect is quite enchanting. Signed 'Art de France' on the stem and shade. Price £195. FREE postage in the UK. SOLD

RoyalCrystalDolphins.jpg Royal Crystal Rock 24% lead crystal pale lemon yellow dolphins figurine. About 14 cm tall x 12 cm long x 10 cm wide. Made in Italy in the 1980s. Price £27.

ChribskaGreenAmberVase.jpg Heavy green and amber vase by Chribska, Czechoslovakia, designed by their chief designer Josef Hospodka in the early 1990s before 1993. 20 cm high and about 11 cm wide. Price £42. SOLD

VasartStrathearnStyleVase.jpg Very heavy vase in the style of Vasart or Strathearn, but possibly made in Bohemia in the 1950s. 22.5 cm high x 20.5 cm diameter at the rim. The pontil mark has been hollowed out. An impressive, quality piece. Price £120.

HeavyAmberVase.jpg Italian heavy sommerso vase with wavy rim, 18 cm high x 8 cm x 7 cm. Made possibly in the 1960s. Price £78.

JacquetComport2.jpg Comport 18 cm high, 22 cm diameter, hand made by Glasbläserei Schmid in Zwiesel/Lindberg, Germany for the exclusive shop Liberty of London. Signed "Schmid-Jacquet '89". Price £195. SOLD

BarovierTosoRedBowl.jpg Barovier & Toso cased red bowl with silver foil, approximately 14 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high. Probably made in the 1960s. In excellent condition, with a few minor scratches on the base commensurate with age. Price £49.20.

BluePB2.jpg Blue perfume bottle with burgundy collar, 11 cm high x 6 cm wide. Probably French. Signed 'Meoult'. Price £14.40. SOLD

BaccaratDuck.jpg Baccarat duck ornament, an item of high quality French glass. Baccarat was founded in 1764 and is famed for its luxury crystal. The duck has the Baccarat label on the base. Price £48.

Murano_Bell_Vase.jpg Impressive Murano cased bell vase, 23.5 cm tall x 24 cm diameter at the rim, in a most unusual design for Murano. Price £98. SOLD

Swedish_Edenfalk.jpg Swedish heavy square vase, engraved with barley stalks and a butterfly, 16 cm high x 7.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Signed “Edenfalk Skruf A408”. With Skruf label. Made in the 1960s. Price £66. SOLD

Swedish_Starfish.jpg Swedish starfish paperweight, embellished with green and yellow glass chips underneath, 14 cm diameter. Signed “Kosta Boda Ann Wåhlström 99061”. Made late 1980s. Price £36.

GoebelEagle.jpg Eagle ornament. 11 cm high, wing span of 11 cm by Goebel Crystal, Germany. Price £36. SOLD

Kerry_CylVase.jpg Kerry Glass cylinder vase, 13 cm high, made early 1980s. Price £28.80.

GuerlainPB.jpg Guerlain Flacon Montre Vol de Nuit 100 ml with glass stopper, designed by Pochet et du Courval. Made 1936 to 1972. Price £19.95. SOLD

Maltese Glass, including Mdina

GozoGlassBottleVase.jpg Gozo Glass ‘Springtime’ bottle vase, 14 cm high and 9.5 cm diameter. Signed on the base. Made in the 2000s. In perfect condition. Price £38.40. SOLD

MdinaAzurenelike.jpg Mdina heavy dark blue vase with silver foil on the surface emulating Azurene, 16 cm high x 10 cm maximum diameter, signed 'Mdina 04' on the base. Price £72.

PhoenicianFlask.jpg Phoenician Glass flask vase, 13 cm high x 11.5 cm wide, signed on the base 'Phoenician Malta 1985'. Price £31.20. SOLD

Other Glass Makers

DSGAzureneStyleVase.jpg DSGprunt.jpg

Studio glass vase in the style of Azurene, with gold and silver leaf on a dark glass, 15 cm high and 8.5 cm maximum diameter. There is a prunt on the base with 'DSG' empressed into it. Price £24.

GreenLampShade.jpg Retro lamp shade with individually cut hexagons on the surface (not moulded), 26 cm high x 18 cm diameter. Fits a standard UK pendant light. In excellent condition. Price £19.95. SOLD

FlowerCanePW.jpg Lovely paperweight of a flower created from glass canes, 5.5 cm diameter. Price £14.95. SOLD

DoveCanePW.jpg Interesting paperweight including glass canes depicting a dove, 5.5 cm diameter. Price £14.95.

ThreeSmallPW.jpg Various paperweights, approximately 6-7 cm diameter, at the bargain price of only £6 each. All SOLD

SixCrystalSwans.jpg Crystal swans in various sizes, 13 cm high being the tallest. Probably mid-20th century. Price: large swan £18; small swan £9.95.

GreenSpiralTwistPW.jpg Spiral twist paperweight, 8 cm tall. An intricate and interesting design. Price £19.95.

ZhaohaiVase.jpg Beautiful cased vase with green foliage and purple petals, 12.5 cm high x 12 cm diameter, made by Zhaohai, China, in the early 2000s. Price £39.60

Greetings Cards

The card is designed exclusively for the museum. Price £2.99. Click on the picture to get a larger image.

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