Our People

Anton Doroszenko, Museum Director

Contact Anton for overall management, legal issues, and inquiries about the museum collections.

Email: info@isleofwightglassmuseum.org.uk

Sarah Peek, Museum Manager

Please contact Sarah concerning volunteering, local business liaison, booking of school and other group visits, event planning and local organization of events (setting up, etc.).

Email: iowglassmuseum@talktalk.net

Anna Tranah, Museum Development Officer

Please contact Anna concerning museum development generally, accreditation, funding, and social media outreach.

Email: development@iowgm.uk

Jane Woods, Museum and Retail Assistant

Sadie Wyatt, Museum and Retail Assistant

Please contact Jane (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday) or Sadie (Monday, Friday, Saturday) concerning any sales and customer service issues, visitor queries, museum guides, and library inquiries.

Telephone: 01983 716270

John Peek, Museum Assistant

Tina Gormer, Museum Assistant

John and Tina provide valuable assistance in the smooth running of the museum.

Volunteers: We really appreciate our wonderful volunteer Susan.

For more information about volunteering go to http://www.isleofwightglassmuseum.org.uk/volunteering.

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