Past Sales

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Isle of Wight Studio Glass

SmallFishMoulded3.jpg Pressed glass finned fish from the Fish and Shells Collection, 11 cm high x 12 cm nose to tail. Made late 1990s. Price £34. SOLD
NewGoldenPeacockLilac.jpg New Golden Peacock footed flared vase, 15.5 cm high and 9 cm across at the rim, in the trial colour of lilac. It has the studio's 30th anniversary label on the side, which dates it to 2003. It is very rare to find a piece in this colourway. Price £84. SOLD
RibbonsRedEgg.jpg Ribbons red egg paperweight, 7.5 cm high. These were made mainly for the German market about 1988 and are hard to find. Price £48. SOLD
IOWSG_Azurene_Black_Flat_PW.jpg Flattened globe Azurene paperweight made in the 1980s, 7 cm diameter x 3.5 cm high. Price £36.60. SOLD
IOWSG_MiniGarden_BD_PW3.jpg Miniature Garden 'Buttercups & Daisies' paperweight, 5 cm diameter. Has the 30th anniversary label dating it to 2003-2004. Price £28.80. SOLD
IOWSG_Gold_Mushroom.jpg Small mushroom paperweight coated in real gold leaf. Made in the 2000s. Price £22.80. SOLD
IOWSG_Azurene_Pink_GlobeVase.jpg Azurene Pink globe vase, 3.5 inches high, made 1980s. Price £50.40. SOLD
HoneyberryPotVase.jpg Summer Fruits 'Honeyberry' flattened globe vase, 7.5 cm high, 8.5 cm diameter. Rare colourway made 1993 only and hard to find. Price £48. SOLD
SelectiveGiftFish.jpg Pressed finned fish from the Selective Gift Collection, 13.5 cm long x 7.5 cm high. Made about 1995. Price £28.80. SOLD
SmallFishMoulded.jpg Pressed glass finned fish, 11 cm high x 12 cm nose to tail. Made early 1990s. Price £29.95. SOLD
AzureneGlobeVase.jpg Azurene 'Black' globe vase, 12 cm high x 14 cm diameter. Made in the 1980s. Price £60. SOLD
FlowerGardenVase2.jpg Flower Garden 'Lilac' globe vase, 7.5 cm high, made in the early 1990s. Price £48. SOLD
IOWSG_Victorian_PW2.jpg Victorian globe paperweight in silver and pink, made 1989 only. Scarce. Price £38.40. SOLD
IOWSG_FlowerGarden_Larkspur_PW.jpg Flower Garden 'Larkspur' globe paperweight, made about 1989-1991. Price £39.60. 2 SOLD
IOWSG_Blueberry_CylVases.jpg Summer Fruits 'Blueberry' cylinder vases, 13.5 cm tall, made 1993-1996. Price £38.40 each. SOLD
IOWSG_MeadowGarden_Bird.jpg Meadow Garden 'Cornflower' bird paperweight, made 1983-1985. Price £23.40. SOLD
IOWSG_SummerFruits_Lamp.jpg Summer Fruits 'Mulberry' lamps, including shade. An identical pair is available. Made 2000s. Price £298 each. Buy the pair and get a 10% discount. £536 for the pair, a saving of £60. SOLD
IOWSG_MiniGarden_BD_PW2.jpg Miniature Garden 'Buttercups & Daisies' paperweight, 5 cm diameter. Has the 30th anniversary label dating it to 2003-2004. Price £28.80. SOLD
IOWSG_Candyfloss_Egg.jpg Bon Bon 'Candyfloss' egg paperweight, 7 cm high. Made 1986 only and quite scarce. Price £42. SOLD
IOWSG_SummerFruits_Honeyberry.jpg Summer Fruits 'Honeyberry' flattened globe vase, 8.5 cm diameter. Rare colourway made 1993 only; hard to find. Price £48. SOLD
IOWSG_FlowerGarden_Lily_PW.jpg Flower Garden 'Lily' globe paperweight, made 1990s. Price £39.60. SOLD
IOWSG_Victorian_PW.jpg Victorian small globe paperweight in silver and blue, made 1989 only. Scarce. Price £38.40. SOLD
IOWSG_Azurene_BlackPW.jpg Azurene Black globe paperweight, 5 cm diameter, made 1980s. Price £28.80. SOLD
IOWSG_MiniGarden_V_PW.jpg Miniature Garden 'Sweet Violets' paperweight, 5 cm diameter, made 2001-2009. Price £28.80. SOLD
IOWSG_MiniGarden_BD_PW.jpg Miniature Garden 'Buttercups & Daisies' paperweight, 5 cm diameter. Has the 30th anniversary label dating it to 2003-2004. Price £28.80. SOLD
IOWSG_Gemstone_PW.jpg Gemstone 'Topaz' globe paperweight, made 1993-1998. Price £43.20. SOLD
AureneGoblet2.jpg Goblet with knop similar to Aurene colours, 19.5 cm high, 9 cm diameter rim, made by Michael Harris around 1974. Very rare. Price £120 each. 2 SOLD
IOWSG_Candyfloss_Egg2.jpg Bon Bon 'Candyfloss' egg paperweight, 7 cm high. Made 1986 only and quite scarce. Price £42. SOLD
IOWSG_Azurene_Black_Lollipop.jpg Azurene Black lollipop vase, 16 cm tall, made 1980s. Price £86.40. SOLD
IOWSG_Crizzle_Vase.jpg Crizzle bowl, 12.5 cm across x 10 cm tall. Made 2008-2011. Scarce. Price £80. SOLD
AureneBird.jpg Aurene bird paperweight, 5.5 cm tall x 6 cm long, made 1978-1982. Price £28. SOLD
FlowerGardenVase.jpg Flower Garden 'Lilac' globe vase, 7.5 cm high, made in the early 1990s. Price £48. SOLD
IOWSG_FlowerGarden_Lilac_PW.jpg Flower Garden 'Lilac' globe paperweight, made 1990s. Price £39.60. 2 SOLD
IOWSG_Azurene_Pink_CylVase.jpg Azurene Pink large cylinder vase, 23 cm high x 10 cm diameter, made 1980s. Price £72. SOLD

Other British Glass

WhitefriarsGoblet2.jpg A limited edition Whitefriars goblet commemorating the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1972. Signed on the base 'G. Baxter Whitefriars No. 37'. Geoffrey Baxter was one of the most outstanding British glass designers of the post-war period. He worked at Whitefriars from 1954 until 1980. Price £70. SOLD
AdrianSankeyVase.jpg Vase designed by Adrian Sankey, 13 cm high, 8 cm maximum diameter, with artists label on the base. Price £38.40. SOLD
TurnmillEgg.jpg Turnmill Studio egg paperweight, 7 cm high, signed on the base 'Turnmill 1989'. Turnmill Studio was owned and run by Adam Aaronson. It operated at Turnmill Street, London from 1987 to 1989. Price £19.95. SOLD
MillefioriPW.jpg Stunning, probably Perthshire millefiori globe paperweight, 8.5 cm diameter x 6 cm deep. A lovely example in excellent condition. Price £45. SOLD
TyroneMunroEclipseGlasses.jpg TyroneLogo.jpg

Tyrone Crystal 'Eclipse' wine glasses in the iconic black cut crystal, designed by Nick Munro in 2005 and available only until 2010. They are 24 cm high and 7 cm diameter at the rim. The glasses ring beautifully, as would crystal of the highest quality. They have the Tyrone Glass logo and signature of Nick Munro on the foot. In perfect condition. Price £39.95 for the pair. SOLD

SowerbyFrogsReedsBowl.jpg SowerbyRegNo787048.jpg

Sowerby 'Frogs and Bullrushes' bowl in green glass, measuring approximately 26 cm diameter and 8 cm high. The bowl consists of three feet in the shape of frogs, bulrushes in the well of the bowl, and a wavy rim. The registration number 787048 is clearly embossed inside the bowl (see above), which dates the design to 9th October 1933. It is in very good condition, with only slight scuff marks on the base of the feet. Price £54. SOLD

OkraPufferPB.jpg Perfume bottle with puffer (fully functional) by Okra Glass. Price £48. SOLD
MiniMillefioriPW.jpg Miniature domed millefiori paperweight, 4.5 cm diameter, possibly Scottish. Surface somewhat scuffed, hence price £6. SOLD
CaithnessChannelCrossing.jpg Limited edition Caithness ‘Channel Crossing’ paperweight designed by Margot Thompson in 1996, 9.5 cm high x 7.5 cm diameter. Numbered 431 of 650. In perfect condition. Price £44.40. SOLD
SixHeronSwans.jpg Swan ornaments, 7-8 cm high, 6-7 cm long, made by Heron Glass. £9.95 each. All SOLD
OkraBalusterVase.jpg Okra baluster vase in the 'Amazon' pattern, 13 cm high x 13 cm maximum diameter, signed by Richard Golding ‘Okra 2001 AII RPG’. Comes with its original box. Price £149. SOLD
AlisonMacVicarWinterTree.jpg 'Winter Tree' plaque by Alison MacVicar, complete with wooden base. 11 cm high, 6.4 cm wide. Price £25. SOLD
AlisonMacVicarAutumTree.jpg 'Autumn Tree' plaque by Alison MacVicar, complete with wooden base. 10 cm high, 6.5 cm wide. Price £25. SOLD
GuernseyGlassVase.jpg Globe vase made by Island Studio Glass on Guernsey, 10 cm high x 11 cm diameter, with the three lions mark on the base. Price £36. SOLD
WedgewoodBird.jpg Wedgewood bird, 7.5 cm long x 6.5 cm high, designed by Ronald Stennett-Willson and Paul Miller in the 1970's. Pattern number RSW429. Has a small blemish on one side, hence price only £6. SOLD
PurpleCutGlassBowl.jpg Set of four cameo bowls with flowers and foliage possibly made by Stevens & Williams in the early 20th century. Absolutely stunning! Price £38.40 each. SOLD
SherryGlasses.jpg Delicate sherry glasses, probably English and early 20th Century, 11.5 cm high x 6.3 cm at the rim, with green stems and slightly iridescent bowls. Price £10 each. SOLD
JoDownsSeaMix.jpg Sea Mix jewellery dish with seahorses, starfish and fish, from Jo Downs’ range of bespoke giftware. It comes in its original box. Price £19.20. SOLD
DartingtonCrizzleVase.jpg Dartington Studio primavera (crizzle) baluster vase in blue and gold, 9.5 cm high. Acid etched on the base with 'DARTINGTON' and two pontil irons with blobs of glass at each end, the mark of the Studio range. A rare piece made at the Barbican Glassworks in Plymouth between 1997 and 2002. The Dartington Studio range was designed by Hilary Green and Simon Moore. Price £78. SOLD
Wedgewood_Bird.jpg Wedgewood Crystal seagull paperweight, carved from behind, 10 cm high. Price £19.95. SOLD
AnthonyStern.jpg Early long-necked vase by Anthony Stern. Signed on the base. 20 cm high, 13 cm diameter at base. Price £38.40. SOLD
JoDowns_Fish_Bowl.jpg Crescent of Fish bowl, 17 cm diameter, by Jo Downs. Comes with original box. Price £30. SOLD
EdinburghCrystalPW.jpg Edinburgh Crystal Classical. Flattened globe paperweight with map of the Isle of Wight. 7.5 cm diameter, 4.5 cm high. Comes with original box. Price £38.40. SOLD
NeoStrawberry.jpg Realistic strawberry paperweight, 9 cm long, by Neo Art Glass. Hand made and signed by Kris Heaton. Brand new in the box. Price £39.60. SOLD
StuartBowl.jpg A large and impressive Stuart Crystal footed bowl in a classic design. With Stuart labels on the side and base. Price £65. SOLD
EricWhitePB.jpg Small perfume bottle with ruby red stripes, 7 cm high, by Eric White, signed with his name on the base. Comes with original box and certificate of authenticity. Price £26.40. SOLD
EricWhiteCrown.jpg Small crown-shaped, lampworked perfume bottle by Eric White. Made for the Silver Jubilee, 25th Anniversary, of Queen Elizabeth II. Signed on the base "Eric White 142/500 1978". 5 cm diameter, 5 cm high. Price £48. SOLD
KeithWilliamsonVase.jpg Handmade studio vase made by Keith Williamson in 2003, 18.5 cm high, 16.5 cm diameter at the rim, 8.5 cm diameter at the foot. Signed and dated on the base. Price £64.80. SOLD
FladgateBowl.jpg Footed bowl 7 cm high, 11 cm maximum diameter by Deborah Fladgate. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has been making handmade art glass for more than 30 years. Her work is much sought after. Price £34.80. SOLD

Other European Glass

MuranoMillefioriVase.jpg Murano Fratelli Toso millefiori glass vase in an unusual colourway, about 7-8 cm high. Thought to date from 1910 to 1920. In excellent condition. Price £39.95. SOLD
CristalDArquesDogPW.jpg French Cristal d'Arques 24% lead crystal paperweight with a dog's head carved out from behind, about 10 cm tall x 9.5 cm wide. Price £19.95. SOLD
RoyalCrystalElephants.jpg Royal Crystal Rock 24% lead crystal figurine of a mother elephant and calf. About 12 cm tall x 13 cm long x 10 cm wide. Made in Italy in the 1980s. Price £29.95. SOLD
ChribskaSunburstVase.jpg Chribska ‘Starburst’ vase, about 30 cm high, made possibly in the late 1990s. Price £42. SOLD
FlavioPoliSommersoVase.jpg Murano sommerso lipped vase in a design after Flavio Poli, 15.5 cm high x 7 cm wide. Probably made in the 1960s. Price £42. SOLD
VannesHorseHead.jpg Horse head ornament made by Art Vannes le-Chatel, France, in the 1960s. 6.5 cm high x 7.5 cm wide. Etched 'Vannes Cristal' on the base. Price £19.50. SOLD
BodaVallienVase.jpg Kosta Boda miniature vase by Swedish designer Bertil Vallien, 4.5 cm diameter, 4.3 cm high. Signed on the base 'Boda B Vallien 92642'. Price £39. SOLD
AforsBowl1.jpg AforsBowl2.jpg Classic Swedish design by Ernest Gordon Adsetts while he was at Åfors glassworks between 1954 and 1961. The smoky grey pedestal bowl is 23 x 21 cm in diameter and 7 cm high. It is signed on the base “Afors GH326 E Gordon”. Price £39.60. SOLD
ScandiBindweedVase.jpg Scandinavian style heavy vase with bindweed flowers and foliage acid etched on the surface. An attractive vase when displayed. Price just £28. SOLD
SkribskaAmberVase.jpg Heavy amber and green vase by Chribska, Czechoslovakia, designed by their chief designer Josef Hospodka in the early 1990s before 1993. Price £38.40. SOLD
MuranoApple.jpg Striking Murano apple ornament, 12.5 cm tall. Price £26.40. SOLD
Murano_AVeM.jpg Beautiful Murano, probably AVeM (Arte Vetraria Muranese) bowl with aventurine. Price £36. SOLD
MandruzzatoSquareVase.jpg Mandruzzato square sommerso vase, 14.5 cm high and 4 cm square. Price £45.60. SOLD
MandruzzatoHexagonalVase.jpg Mandruzzato hexagonal sommerso vase with amber and yellow cased in clear. Possibly made in the 1960s. Price £80. SOLD
MandruzzatoSquareFacetedBowl.jpg Mandruzzato square sommerso with faceted corners with amber and yellow cased in clear. Possibly made in the 1960s. Price £48. SOLD
Murano_Alexandrite_Bowl.jpg Murano alexandrite bowl, 30.5 cm long x 15.5 cm wide x 8 cm high. Alexandrite glass changes colour depending on the light and is much sought after. Price £60. SOLD
Murano_Flavio_Poli_Vase.jpg Murano sommerso lipped vase in a design after Flavio Poli, probably 1960s. Price £48. SOLD
MandruzzatoSquareFacetedVase.jpg Mandruzzato sommerso square vase with faceted corners, 20.5 cm tall x 6 cm square, in blue and yellow cased in clear, made possibly in the 1960s. Has the original Murano label. Price £95. SOLD
Clown.jpg Clown ornament, probably made in Murano, 14 cm high. Bright and colourful. The kids will love it! Price just £16.80. SOLD
WaterfordFlute.jpg Champagne flute in crystal glass of the Geo Collection designed by John Rocha for Waterford Crystal, 24 cm high. Etched with “John Rocha Waterford” on the base. Price £24, half of RRP. SOLD
ValStLambertCoasterSet.jpg Set of six crystal glass coasters depicting endangered bird species. The coasters are 9 cm across and in excellent condition. Each design is done by an intaglio process. All etched to the back with the Val St Lambert signature. Comes in the original box (slightly marked). Price £29.95 for the set of six. SOLD
FrenchPentagonalBowl.jpg Art Deco French pentagonal bowl, about 20 cm diameter. A beautiful, classic design in lemon coloured glass. Price £60. SOLD
GoebelHorse.jpg Rearing horse ornament. 12 cm high by Goebel Crystal, Germany. Price £36. 2 SOLD
GoebelCat.jpg Cat ornament. 4 inches high by Goebel Crystal, Germany. Price £28.80. 3 SOLD

Maltese Glass, incl Mdina

MtarfaBulbVase2.jpg Mtarfa bulb vase with lovely bright colours, 15 cm high and 9 cm diameter at bulb and rim. Hand made probably in the 1990s. Price £39.60. SOLD
MdinaLargeGlobePW.jpg Mdina large blown globe paperweight, 11 cm diameter. Signed 'Mdina' on the base. Excellent condition. Price £24.60. SOLD
MdinaDoorknobPW.jpg Mdina 'doorknob' paperweight, 9 cm high, made in the 1970s. Price £14.40. SOLD
MdinaBowl.jpg 1970s Mdina 'Sea and Sand' heavy conical bowl, 11 cm diameter, 6 cm high. Price £21.60. SOLD
GozoGlassBalusterVase.jpg Gozo Glass multicoloured baluster vase, 11.5 cm tall x 8 cm wide. Signed on the base. Price £38.40. SOLD
MdinaSculpture.jpg Mdina free-form sculpture, 18.5 cm high and about 11 cm wide, flat at the back. Signed 'Mdina' on the base. Price £29.95. SOLD

Other Glass Makers

SwanCondimentPots.jpg Swan condiment pots, 7 cm high, 7.5 cm long, one with a glass base and one with an onyx base, with silver wings. The swan with the glass base comes complete with a spoon. Price £24 each. Both SOLD
SwanJamPot.jpg Swan jam pot, 12 cm high, 14 cm long, with a glass base and silver wings, which swing round to open the lid. Price £28.80. SOLD
CrystalSwan.jpg Crystal swan ornament, 12 cm high, 15 cm long. Price £18. SOLD
RedBlackFlowerPW.jpg Globe paperweight with red and black flowers, 7.5 cm diameter. Price £19.95. SOLD
BlueFlowerPW.jpg Globe paperweight with single blue flower, 7 cm diameter. Beautifully made. Price £19.95. SOLD
BirdPB.jpg Vintage perfume bottle with screw-on stopper of a bird possibly made in the 1950s or 1960s, 10.5 cm high x 5 cm wide. Price £18. SOLD
WhiteNetPW.jpg A most unusual pebble paperweight with internal white network. A lovely decorative item. Price £18. SOLD
FliesPW.jpg Unusual paperweight with two flies around foliage. Definitely a talking point! 8 cm high x 7 cm diameter. Price £19.95. SOLD
FishCoralPW.jpg Large paperweight with angel fish swimming around red coral. The bubbles are perfectly placed. 9.5 cm tall and 8 cm wide. Price £19.95. SOLD
HebronGlassLarge.jpg Long-necked vase, 21 cm tall, by Hebron Glass. Price £28.80. SOLD
SquareClearPB.jpg Square clear perfume bottle with screw-on stopper, 13.5 cm high, 7 cm square at shoulder. Price £24. SOLD
EggSpiralPW.jpg Egg paperweight with white spiral in centre and gold spiral outside, 9 cm high. Price just £11.50. SOLD
RibbedShell.jpg Attractive opalescent and gold shell plate, 32 cm long and 15 cm at its widest. Displays beautifully. Price £29.40. SOLD
NorthwoodFlutedVase.jpg Northwood thin stripe fluted vase with twist, 25 cm high, in green glass with purple iridescent finish, made in the early 20th Century. Ref. Warman's Carnival Glass 2nd edition, p.74. Price £28.80. SOLD
BlueShell.jpg Attractive large blue shell, 18 cm long x 9 cm maximum width. Signed by the maker, but it is indistinct. Price £38. SOLD
BlueBird2.jpg Beautifully made bird, with three layers of glass, 15 cm long x 10 cm high x 10 cm wide. Price £39.95. SOLD
CrystalShipsDecanter.jpg Beautiful, hand cut crystal ship's decanter. Price £35.00. SOLD
Dolphin.jpg Hand-made dolphin ornament, 14 cm long x 11 cm high. Price £16.80. SOLD
FlowerGlobePW.jpg Large globe paperweight with pink flower in the centre, 10 cm high x 9.5 cm wide. Price £14.40. SOLD
GreenBlackStripeVase.jpg Yellowish-green oval vase with black stripes and spots, 9.5 cm high x 9.5 cm wide. Price £15.60. SOLD

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