New exhibits

Notable additions to the museum exhibit will be added here.

June 2017

Etling vase designed by Lucile Sevin

Lucile Sevin designed this vase for Edmond Etling in the 1920s and is numbered 38 in the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue.

Moonwake bowl made by Martin Evans

Moonwake bowl made and signed by Martin Evans of Glory Art Glass, Sandown, IoW. The studio celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

May 2017

Mdina crizzle stone fish vase by Michael Harris

Mdina 'Crizzle Stone' fish vase made by Michael Harris probably in 1972. This is the second crizzle stone to be added to the collection.

Pauline Solven button top vase made 1970

Globe vase made by Pauline Solven in 1970, during the first full year of the Glasshouse studio established in Covent Garden, London. Pauline was a pupil of Michael Harris at the Royal College of Art in London in the late 1960s. The vase is signed and dated on the base.

March 2017

Auctumnus Arbor medium vase

Auctumnus Arbor was designed as the 'Day Piece' for the IOWSG Collectors Studio Day on 27th November 2016. Only six of this size were made.

February 2017

British Museum vase

Vase by Isle of Wight Studio Glass, 15.5 cm high x 14.0 cm diameter at the rim, signed "© 1997 The British Museum" on the base. This piece is very rarely seen.

Mary Gregory-style Bohemian tumbler

The museum bought a pair of these Bohemian blown glass tumblers from an antique dealer in Oxfordshire. They are enamelled in white with Mary Gregory-style decoration of children at play, and gilded rims. They feature a girl (shown here) and boy facing each other when stood side-by-side.

Richard acid etched vase made by Loetz for Etling

Acid etched cameo vase made by Loetz probably in the 1920s for Edmond Etling, France, with the 'Richard' mark on the side. Bought from a dealer in Paris, France.

January 2017

Bohemian satin glass with diamond air-trap pattern

Satin glass vase with diamond air-trap pattern, attached amber lip, yellow enamel flowers, and signed ‘F’ on base. It has minute traces of gilding on the body of the vase. Possibly Bohemian and made in the late 19th century.

Siddy Langley vase

A beautiful Clematis vase by Siddy Langley, signed by her and dated 1986.

November 2016

Stuart fish vase designed by Ludwig Kny

Heavy vase with deeply carved out fish and bubbles designed by Ludwig Kny for Stuart Crystal in the mid-1930s. Bought from a dealer on the Isle of Wight.

October 2016

Siddy Langley vase

A beautiful 'Marrakech' vase by Siddy Langley, signed by her and dated 2000. Bought from a collector in the UK.

August 2016

Victorian fishscale vase by Thomas Webb

Late Victorian vase, possibly 1880s, with 'fishscale' or hammered effect surface, with gilded foliage, fruits, and insects. Uncertain attribution to Thomas Webb & Sons manufactured for Wittmann & Roth. Signed G.L.F. - perhaps George L. Fereday - who is thought to be the gilder. Bought from a dealer in New York, USA.

July 2016

Octagonal Etling bowl with fish

Rare French octagonal bowl with fish made for Edmond Etling in the 1920s. Bought from a dealer in Montreal, Canada.

D'Avesn bowl with three birds on a metal stand

Frosted glass bowl with three birds on a metal stand, made by Pierre d'Avesn in the late 1920s. Bought from a dealer in France.

Renaissance II bowl

Very rare goblet with IOWSG Aurene-like knop made about 1974. Bought from a collector in England.

June 2016

Renaissance II bowl

Extremely rare brown IOWSG Renaissance II footed bowl bought from a collector on the Isle of Wight.

Pierre D'Avesn bowl

French opalescent bowl, possibly designed by Pierre D'Avesn and made in the 1930s, to add to the Art Deco collection. It was found in a charity shop in Oxfordshire, UK.

Summer Fruits rabbit paperweight

Rabbit paperweight in the early form of Summer Fruits Cranberry. Bought from a dealer in South Africa. A rare item.

May 2016

Graal Feathers Tazza

Graal feathers pattern tazza signed by Jonathan Harris in 1998 bought at the National Glass Fair, Solihull, UK.

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