This page will list the publications in the museum library. The library is a new initiative, started in January 2017. Please note that initially the publications will not be available for consultation by glass scholars or visitors, but that will change at a later date.

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Serial publications

Glass Notes. Arthur Churchill Ltd.

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New Glass Review. Corning Museum of Glass. ISSN: 0275-469X

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Auction catalogues

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Product and sales catalogues

Charles Ede Limited (2006) Ancient Glass 2006. Charles Ede Limited. [39 pp.]

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Conference proceedings

Weizsäcker, E. U. von [Editor] (1997) Der gläserne Hersteller: Welche Auskunft gibt der Erzeuger? Zehn Jahre WAGE-Dialoge. Dokumentation einer Veranstaltung vom 24. April 1996 in Bonn. Birkhäuser Verlag. 96 pp. ISBN-10: 3-76435-669-3. ISBN-13: 978-3-76435-669-9.

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Miscellaneous publications

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