Calendar of Events

The museum has an exciting programme of events lined up in the coming year. You can book online via this page.

Each event will consist of:

  • a talk/interview
  • a glass making demonstration in partnership with renowned glass maker Timothy Harris in his studio next door to the museum
  • a question and answer session and other audience participation.

For ticket holders who can't attend in person the events will be live streamed via Zoom. If you don't have Zoom, click the Zoom image for a free download.

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For those who come to the museum, there will be a complementary buffet included in the price.

For all events, the doors open at 10.30 am and the programme starts at 11 am.

When: Sunday, 13th February 2022
Speakers: Ellie Burton and Katherine Austin
Title: Pursuing a Passion for Glass
About the event: Ellie and Katherine graduated together from de Montfort University in 2017. They will relate their experiences in getting started making glass professionally. “Ever since the first induction into the hot glass workshop, I have fallen in love with the material,” says Ellie. “I am fascinated by the fluidity of hot glass and the control required to work with it. I particularly enjoy allowing the material to dictate the form of the pieces in a natural way. I also find the effect colour can have on the form of a piece extremely interesting.” Come and share this passion for glass at our special event this Valentine’s weekend.
Speaker's web site: Ellie Burton Glass
Speaker's web site: Katherine J Austin Glass

Ellie Burton and Katherine Austin

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Price: £15.00 per person coming to the museum or per household when attending via Zoom. Payments are handled by PayPal and are SECURE.

PLEASE NOTE: You can buy only one ticket at a time. If you want more please repeat the payment process. Thank you.

When: Saturday, 28th May 2022
Speaker: Richard P. Golding
Title: A Lifetime in Glass: The Story of Okra and Station Glass
About the event:
Speaker's web site: Richard Golding Glass

Richard Golding

When: Provisionally, September 2022
Speaker: Laura Hart
Title: Cast and Fused Glass Taken to the Next Level: Orchis Exotica and Rose Couture
About the event:
Speaker's web site: Hart Glass

Laura Hart Orchid

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