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Arthur Churchill Ltd. (1937) Catalogue of Old English Glass. Arthur Churchill Ltd.. 114 pp. [Includes articles by Grant R. Francis, D. B. Harden, G. F. Lawrence, W. A. Thorpe et al.]

Caithness Glass plc. (1989) The 1989 Caithness Collection. 36 pp.

Charles Ede Limited (2006) Ancient Glass 2006. Charles Ede Limited. [39 pp.]

Davidson & Co. Ltd. (1930s?) Chippendale Glassware. Geo. Davidson & Co. Ltd., Teams Glass Works, Gateshead-On-Tyne, England. 19 pp. [Reproduction]

Davidson & Co. Ltd. (1961) Catalogue. Geo. Davidson & Co. Ltd., Teams Glass Works, Gateshead-On-Tyne, England. [18 pp.]

Fantoni, G. (2001) Glass Art 2002. Georgina Fantoni, 5 Inverness Gardens, London, W8 4RN. 106 pp.

Francis-Lewis Studio (1927?) Glass and China Painting. No. 3. Price List of Materials, Glass, China, Nacrolaque, Lamp Shades, Etc. Francis-Lewis Studio, 18 Soho Square, Oxford Street, London, W.1. 24 pp.

Glasstudio Borowski (undated) Borowski Artist Edition, Studio Line, Outdoor Objects. 98 pp. [German and English]

Goebel (1979) Die Glas-Kollektion aus der Charlottenhütte. Katalog 1979. 60 pp. + 2 pp. loose.

Harris, R.; Harris, A.; Harris, E. (2017) Isle of Wight Studio Glass. The 'New Era' Portfolio 2016. Isle of Wight Studio Glass. vi + 55 pp. [Signed copy]

Kosta Boda (1992) Edition 1992: Kosta Boda 250-årsjubileum. Kosta Boda. [76 pp.]

Kosta Boda (2005) Kosta Boda Boys Toys. 27 pp. Art nr 7010539.

Kovacek, R.; Kovacek, M. (1994) Glas 1500-Heute. Glas aus 5 Jahrhunderten. Verkaufsausstellung 12. 11.-24. 12. 1994. Glasgalerie Michael Kovacek. 112 pp. [Includes separate price list leaflet]

Lalique Ltd. (1991) Lalique: Collection 1991. Lalique Ltd., London. 24 pp.

Lalique S.A. (2008) Lalique. Sculpteur de Lumière. 58 pp.

Lalique S.A. (2015) Languedoc: La Collection. 26 pp. (Available online)

Lalique S.A. (2018) Hirondelles: La Collection. 20 pp. (Available online)

Lalique Art S.A. (2017) Damien Hirst. Lalique Art. 48 pp.

NewBookJanuary.jpg Maskova, I.; Iqbal, Z. (1995) The Studio Glass Gallery Annual Catalogue 1995/96. The Studio Glass Gallery, 63 Connaught Street, London. [27 pp.] ISBN-10: 80-85694-81-6.

Morava, C. (1930) Modern Art in Glassware. Illustrated by a Few Master Pieces of the Master Glass Worker André Hunebelle. 49 pp. [Includes an extract from an article by M. André Fervant which appeared in the Illustration of 30th November 1929.] [Reprint #4/500 dated May 2017]

National Cambridge Collectors (1976) The Cambridge Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio. Collector Books. [Reproduction of catalogues published between 1930 and 1934.]

Okra Glass Studios Limited (1998) 1998 Okra England. 28 pp. [Includes Collectors Price Guide 1998 leaflet. 4 pp.]

Okra Glass Studios Limited (1999) 1999 Okra England. 36 pp. [Includes Collectors Price Guide 1999 leaflet. 4 pp.]

Okra Glass Studios Limited (2000) 2000 Okra England. 32 pp.

Parkside Antiques (1992) Una Fraser Collection of English, Irish & Scottish Glass 1685-1820. [16 pp.] [Catalogue for a sale held 5-30 September 1992 at 145 Park Street, South Melbourne, 3205, Australia.]

Parkside Antiques (1994) Don Barnfather Collection of Glass Comprising English, Irish, Continental & Australian Glass 1680-1935. 24 pp. [Catalogue for a sale held 18-30 June 1994 at 145 Park Street, South Melbourne, 3205, Australia. Includes a price list for 117 items. [1 p.] Includes a glass reference library price guide. [4 pp.]]

Parkside Antiques (1994) The Renowned Irish Glass Collection of Una Fraser Together with her Fine Georgian Furniture. [8 pp.] [Catalogue for a sale held 1-31 October 1994 at 145 Park Street, South Melbourne, 3205, Australia.]

Pruce, J. (2006?) Mark J. West. Cobb Antiques Ltd. Edition I. The Clockwork Organisation. [40 pp.]

René Lalique et Cie (1932) Catalogue des Verreries de René Lalique. v + 117 pp + appendix 27 pp. [With an introductory article by Gabriel Mourey.]

René Lalique et Cie (1982) Lalique Glass: The Complete Illustrated Catalogue for 1932. Corning Museum of Glass/Dover Publications. 134 pp. ISBN-10: 0-48624-122-X ISBN-13: 978-0-48624-122-7 [reproduction of Catalogue des Verreries de René Lalique, Paris, Mars 1932, with an introductory article by Gabriel Mourey].

Riihimäen Lasi Oy (1985) Kristallien ja Talouslasien Kuvasto [Catalogue of Crystal and Household Glass]. Riihimäen Kirjapaino Oy, Riihimäki. 81 pp. [Reprint of the 1915 catalogue.]

Rock Pottery Co. (1924?) Rokwyte: Beautiful China and Glass. Rock Pottery Co. 35 pp. [Pages 14, 15, 20, 21, 26, 27, 32, 33 missing.]

Salviati & C. (c.1880-1900) The Venice and Murano Glass Co. Ltd., 30 St James St. London S.W. Glass and Mosaic Catalogue. 30 pp. [Reprint. Publisher unknown.]

Sowerby (1882) Pattern Book of Fancy Goods Manufactured in Glass by Sowerbys Ellison Glass Works, Limited, Gateshead on Tyne, England. Opal, Turquoise, Gold, Jet, Venetian in Several Colours, Giallo, Blanc de Lait, Malachite, Patent Ivory Queens Ware, Decorated Opaque Stained Blanc de Lait, and New Tortoise Shell Ware. June 1882, Book IX. R. Robinson & Co. 12 pp. [Reproduction]

Stained Glass Supplies Ltd. (1987?) Manual and Catalogue. 32 pp. [Includes retail price list, July 1987. 4 pp. + supplementary page of new products and price changes, September 1987.]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1941) Steuben Glass: New York. 23 pp. (Download)

Steuben Glass Inc. (1960) Table Crystal [autumn 1960 catalogue]. 24 pp.

Steuben Glass Inc. (1961) Steuben Glass [spring 1961 catalogue]. [34 pp.] 30 plates.

Steuben Glass Inc. (1966) Steuben Christmas 1966. Steuben Glass Room, Charles W. Warren & Company. 48 pp.

NewBookNovember.jpg Steuben Glass Inc. (1967) The Ornaments of Spring. 24 pp. [Includes a business reply envelope.]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1973) Steuben Glass: Christmas 1973. Steuben Glass. 79 pp. [Accompanied by "Price list, objects illustrated in the Steuben Glass Christmas catalogue, Winter 1973-1974" (CC) [4 pp.]; order form (XL-73); and business reply envelope.]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1990) Steuben 1991. Corning Inc. 96 pp. [Catalogue Reference No. 1991H] (Download)

Steuben Glass Inc. (1993) Steuben 1994. Corning Inc. 104 pp. [Catalogue Reference No. 1994Z]

Steuben Glass Inc. (1994) Steuben MCMIII MCMXCV [Steuben 1995 catalog]. Corning Inc. 160 pp. [Catalogue Reference No. 1994G]

Steuben Glass Inc. (2004) 2005 Steuben Glass. Corning Inc. 164 pp. [Includes letter from Marie McKee, President and Chief Executive Officer, inserted separately]

Stevens & Williams Ltd. (1938?) Royal Brierley Crystal. 28 pp.

Stuart & Sons Ltd. (1927) Catalogue of Finest English Hand Made Table Crystal. i + 42 pp. [Reproduction]

Stuart & Sons Ltd. (1938) Catalogue No. 51. ii + 30 pp. [Reproduction]

Stuart & Sons Ltd. (1972) Stuart Crystal: Wine Services. [24 pp.]

Stuart & Sons Ltd. (1972) Stuart Crystal: Miscellaneous. [Catalogue No. 55.] 46 pp. [Reproduction]

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